Dr. med. Harold Vanderschmidt
Nature and Medicine

Arthroscopic Surgery

Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

                                                                      Arthroscopic Subacromial Decompression

                                                                       Arthrocopic Removal of Calcium Deposits


                                                                      Arthroscopic Bankart Repair

                                                                      Aplasia LHB and Bankart Repair

                                                                      Complex Treatment of painful Athletes Shoulder

Arthroscopic Elbow Surgery

                                                                      Arthroscopic Release of ECRB Tendon for Tennis Elbow

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

Anterior Cruciate Ligament

                                                                      ACL Tear Diagnostic


                                                                      ACL Tear Debridement


                                                                      ACL Reconstruction with Bone Tendon Bone Patella Tendon Autograft


                                                                      ACL Reconstruction with Single Bundle Hamstring Graft - Graftlink

                                                                      ACL Reconstruction with Hamstring Graft in Allinside Technique


                                                                     ACL Reconstruction with Quadruple Hamstring Graft and Aperfix Fixation


                                                                      ACL Revision Reconstruction with Quadriceps Tendon Graft

                                                                      Modified Lemaire Procedure for Augmentation of ACL Surgery


                                                                      Removal of Flap Tear medial Meniscus


                                                                      Repair of medial Meniscus with Fastfix Sutures Allinside

                                                                      Removal of Ganglion Cyst and Repair of medial Meniscus with Crossfix Sutures


                                                                      Meniscus Repair with Actifit medial Meniscus Scaffold


                                                                      Cartilage Repair with Debridement and Microfracture


                                                                      Cartilage Repair with Autologous Osteochondral Transfer

                                             Cartilage Repair of Grade 4 Retropatellar Cartilage Defect with MaioRegen Implant


                                                                      Hoffa Resection for Hoffa Syndrome

Arthroscopy Ankle and Foot

                                                                     Arthroscopic Removal of Loose Body Ankle

                                                                      Arthroscopic removal of Os trigonum

                                                                      Arthroscopic Subtalar Fusion 2nd Revision